• Heart-Canvas

    An interactive emotional compass for clarity, motivation and connection

    • Improved relationships with harmony and deeper connection
    • Increased motivation, awareness, mental clarity, mindfulness
    • Find inner peace through personal growth
    • Learn compassionate communication for fulfilling relationships

    What is it?

    • The Heart-Canvas is an interactive tool to find clarity, inner motivation and connection through the identification of our feelings and needs
    • The Heart-Canvas organizes emotional information geometrically to make learning easier while speeding up the search
    an example use of an 18" x 12" Heart-Canvas with glass gems
    the 4' x 6' versions of the Heart-Canvas Feelings and Needs banners
    a refrigerator Heart-Canvas with colored magnetic push-pins
  • Testimonials

    Sarah Johnson

    James's Heart-Canvas tool is one of the most powerful things I accessed in this course -- it was amazing to be able to reference a visual-spatial illustration of the complex worlds of feelings, needs, values, and states of emotional intensity. It really does help me "map out" naming the key elements of any NVC interaction.

    Sandra S., Entrepreneur and Investor

    I love the Heart Canvas! As someone who sometimes struggles to locate my feelings or name my needs, I’ve found the Heart Canvas to be an indispensable tool in my path of personal growth. I experience the Heart Canvas as a clear and potent tool that organizes the complex set of human needs, and the feelings that arise when these needs are or are not met. For me, as soon as I roll out my Heart Canvas, I know that I’ll get one step closer to knowing myself in the present moment, locating my feelings and needs. After I discover my feelings and needs using the Heart Canvas, I feel more grounded and connected to myself. Thank you for this much-needed and original tool for self-awareness and personal growth.

  • Uses

    Different applications of the Heart-Canvas

  • Guide

    Follow these stages as a guide in your growth journey


    Learn the map, go beyond it


    Applications for Practice


    Group Practices

    Find a practice group, listen with empathy, express your truth, embody your feelings, celebrate the beauty of needs together


    Conversational Practice

  • Blog

    Guides and Uses of the Heart-Canvas

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