• Imagination

    guided meditations on the living energy of universal human needs

    "Don't confuse the map with the territory." - Marshall Rosenberg

    As we're learning about our needs, we may focus on the words themselves instead of the living energy that they point to. These guided meditations are intended to help reconnect the words to the living energy of needs by engaging the imagination.

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  • Recordings of Guided Meditations

    Series of 10 recordings inspired by the core needs represented in the Needs Flower

    Needs Flower

    "Needs are life energy in us seeking fulfillment" - Julie Greene of BayNVC

    Core needs are highlighted in the needs flower for the guided meditations. Needs are often confused with strategies -- what we do to meet our needs. Strategies are related to People, Locations, Actions, Times or Objects (PLATO) - thanks Miki Kashtan. Needs are in harmony with each other (no conflict in needs). The Needs Flower was inspired by Jim & Jori Manske's Needs Wheel (radicalcompassion dot com) - modified to match the natural metaphor of a flower - giving full representation to personal, inter-personal, physical and transcendent needs.

    10. Transcendence

    "Existence or experience beyond the normal or physical level" (Oxford dictionary)

    8. Peace

    freedom from disturbance; tranquility. a state or period in which there is no war or a war has ended (Oxford dictionary)

    1. Survival

    the act or fact of surviving, especially under adverse or unusual circumstances. To remain or continue in existence (dictionary.com)

  • Other Practices

    practices that encourage imagination help to more deeply experience needs

    Dream work

    Writing dreams in a journal, listening and striving to understand what the unconscious is telling us can be a source of imagination.

    Deep imagination artwork

    Unleashing your creativity through art nurtures our imagination and ability to more deeply relate to words that we use to describe our needs.


    Photo by Roland Mey on Pixabay

    Reading poetry can help you enter liminal space, a zone between the conscious and unconscious, where it's easier to connect to the living energy of needs. Writing from the heart can be a gift to oneself and others; reading ones work to others can more deeply connect us to our life experience.

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