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Rooted-Earth Needs Flower

a framing metaphor for life

Here's a short poem inspired by the refactored needs flower, which emphasizes our interconnection with Nature. The poem doesn't seem complete, so please view it as a work in progress.

We are rooted in the Earth
Like a flower in bloom
Without the Earth
Our future is doomed.


The roots of life
Within our selves
Will help us wake up
From this slumbered spell.


We’ve gotten some stories of separation
They’ve caused great pain across the nation.
We need each other to survive
Connection and love so we may thrive.


To meet my needs at your expense
Will miss the mark of my heart’s sense.
To meet your needs without my health
A page I’ve turned - my freedom’s smelt.


Awakening I am to my own compass,
I bring my being in line with purpose.
Our Earth calls a return to her gardens
Much easier to let Her carry our burdens.


This voice of life can speak to you too
Within yourself you'll find the flower.
The canvas provides a map of experience,
You choose where to focus to build some resilience.

Rooted-Earth Needs Flower

Here's a synopsis of the category changes between versions to support a holistic view of universal needs that includes our dependence and belonging to the physical world:

  • Protection → Sustainability
  • Survival → Nature
  • New category at the roots of the flower: Embodiment

The Rooted-Earth Needs Flower art was a collaboration between James Prieto and Michael Samuel.

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